My Story

Josiah grew up in the beautiful bay area, and has enjoyed photographing and freezing special, memorable moments in time since he was a teenager. His passion for photography goes hand in hand with his passion for the outdoors, for rock climbing, backpacking, and exploring gorgeous, untrekked territory. In these moments of time, he has learned to breathtakingly capture majestic creation unseen to most eyes. His love for photography has expanded over time to include the depth and richness of capturing images of people, of their beautiful range of emotions, and of their candid moments that are unforgettable. It was from these images that he then fell in love with the intricate emotions of love and joy encapsulated in wedding photography. His artwork of photography exhibited in the thousands of moments captured in each wedding not only provides the bride and groom with immeasurable joy but also allows his photo experiences to be exuberant as well, as he empathetically experiences the full range of emotions, and exemplifies true care for the bride, groom, bridal party, and all guests in attendance. Josiah takes the utmost care in his capturing both candid and artistic moments so that emotion can beautifully unfold through each image. Currently, Josiah resides in Gold Country, still greatly enjoys the outdoors, enjoys playing electric guitar for his local church, and holds a career in firefighting for the U.S. Forest Service. He believes that life itself is beautiful, and all moments are worthy of capturing and remembering.

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